Turret Punching

Our new Amada AE 2510NT press punch quickly makes parts with tapped holes, embosses, offset bends, ribs, progressive extrusions, part numbers and more.

Nearly any shape can be punched with our high-speed punch press using stock tooling. For unique shapes or complex parts, we can quickly have tooling made (usually within 2 days) to accommodate your part requirements.

Sheets up to 8′ X 4′ can be run in the turret punch without repositioning. With repositioning, we can process sheets up to 12′ x 4′ in material thicknesses up to 1/4″ thick. The minimum hole size is the same as the material thickness.

Tool maintenance is key to high-quality punched parts. CLAD Industries continually monitors tool usage and wear and has tool sharpening and replacement policies in place to ensure you always receive the highest quality parts.

High-Speed Forming

Parts can easily and quickly be formed to desired shapes and dimensions with progressive tools. Previously, punching and forming often required separate operations. Now, offset bends, extrusions, ribs and other forms can be added at high speeds using progressive tools in the auto-index stations.

High-Speed Marking

Capable of hit rates up to 900 HPM, the high-speed marking tool reduces secondary operation time by adding part names, part numbers, bend lines, weld locations and other information. Punch penetration depth is accurately controlled so that the marks can be subsequently covered by paint, powder coat, etc.