Stainless Steel Barrier Wall

Stainless Steel Barrier Walls

Amgen_Dirty_Overview_4Stainless Steel Barrier Walls

The CLAD Industries stainless steel barrier walls are designed to create a physical barrier that both compliments and conceals sterilization, washing and related equipment. Our walls are structurally engineered to be a rigid, modular system that is easy to install and maintain.

Quoting & Sales

To make sure we are providing the product you require, we will work with you prepare a quote that matches your  specifications for the barrier wall. Also with this quote, you will get a 2D and 3D drawings of the proposed wall including the details of the pieces that go into our stainless steel barrier wall system. These drawings & proposals are nearly identical to our submittals.


Since your facility is unique, our stainless steel modular wall system is custom designed to your design needs and specifications. CLAD Industries works with your architect and will submit 3D and 2D drawings of your wall for the submittal  process. We will work with your architect to adjust any items on the submittals that need either more explanation or re- work (if any) and promptly return them for approval.
After the initial design and approved submittals are received, CLAD will schedule an on-site visit to verify all of the  measurements and requirements detailed in the submittal package. Based on this new information, CLAD will finalize the designs and move into fabrication.


To assure quality and consistency, the stainless steel wall panels are completely pre-fabricated at the factory.

The custom designed barrier wall panels are first sent to the metal fabrication department where a computer controlled  laser cuts out the flat metal patterns. These flat metal patterns are then sent to forming where they are precisely bent using computer controlled machines (called brakes). At this stage each of the panels and components of the stainless steel  barrier wall system is checked by quality control personnel to insure the accuracy of each part.

After the metal fabrication process, the panels are ready for in-house assembly.

Each panel consists of a front panel and a flat, back panel. Using specially created jigs and tooling, the two panels are permanently joined together using stainless steel rivets. Using another specially designed jig they are injected with polyurethane form which fills the space within the panel, joins the front and back panel to each other and creates a rigid  and insulated barrier wall panel ready for assembly.


We have designed our modular wall as a series of components that work together as a system. This makes the on-site installation go much more quickly than our competitors.

Unique to our modular wall system is that every wall panel is pre-fabricated in-house. This means that not only do you get a better end product, it is installed in a matter of days instead of weeks or months.


Since each installation is different, we offer a variety of options to enhance the wall to meet the needs of your facility.  These include access doors, windows in both panels and doors, louvered vents to facility air-flow, ceiling panels and differential pressure gauges.